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Sewer smell or smelly drains. Gurgling drains and pipes, especially if your toilet gurgles when it is flushed. Drains where the waste water is slow to drain away or doesn’t drain at all, otherwise known as slow flowing drains.

RED Plumbing will help with any issues you have with your Hot Water
System. We will assess your property as well as how many occupants live
at the premises and provide you with our opinion of the particular Hot
Water System you need.


Gas Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water System

Instantaneous Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water System

Servicing of Hot Water System

Repairs to your Existing Hot Water System


Toilets not flushing

Water running into toilet bowl

Cistern not filling

Taps leaking

Water hammering noises


– A buildup of daily refuse
– Drain destroyers such as baby wipes, napkins, tissues, kitty litter, grease, straws, hair and kids’ toys
– Pipes that have collapsed and caved in due to tree root pressure
– Tree roots enter damaged joints, or cracks in old earthenware clay pipes

Investigate – we investigate where the blockage may be caused with the use of our CCTV drain camera and pipe locator.

Blast – We then use a high pressure water jet to blast the blockage away!!!

Test – we then carry out a test to make sure the draain is functioning correctly.

Opinion – we then give you our professional opinion on the best way to avoid this blockage again. Blocked drains can be caused from a number of issues such as collapsed pipe or tree roots inside the pipe, RED plumbing will give you the best solution to resolve these issue long term.

Options – Red plumbing can provide you with many long term effective ways to avoid drain blockages in the future. Our Plumbers have the experience to determine which option is best for your situation. Replacing dammaged or collapsed pipes or using a process of which we reline the pipe which acts like a bandaid for your drain.

The answer is different for different situations. It depends on your roof space, energy tariffs and access to natural gas.

Does your home have natural gas available? If so, gas boosted solar, 5 Star gas storage or continuous flow may suit. If not, then perhaps an electric boosted solar heater or a Heat Pump might be the answer.

Do you have a low off-peak electricity tariff? If so, electric water heating on an off-peak tariff may have the lowest running cost.

A Heat Pump might be right for you. Heat pumps are like solar without collectors on the roof. They use refrigerant vapour compression technology to extract and intensify the warmth in the air around us. They then use that warmth to produce hot water.

Yes, you can.

Indoor gas water heaters are available but they require an available gas supply and fluing through an external wall.

Split heat pump systems – that allow the tank to be installed indoors and the heating unit outdoors – are also an option.

A solar tank can be placed indoors, but if it’s gas boosted it will need a gas supply and fluing through an external wall.

Almost ninety percent of all leaks in residential plumbing systems are found in the toilet tank. Toilet tank leaks usually result from worn parts or improper alignment of some part of the flushing mechanism. It is important to stop the leak happening

Their are a couple answers to this question, but this solution fixes it almost all of the time. Poor venting or no venting of the toilet fixture. Vents allow for airflow to the toilet sewage system. Without the vent, air pockets form in the waste branches, which cause what, is called back-siphonage. The air in the system, without a vent, can only escape through the sewer and drags the water in the trap with it.

The main reason you may have hot water in your toilet is due to a bad flapper in the toilet tank or a bad fill valve. This can allow the water to seep into the tank. When you have a mixing valve on your toilet to stop condensation from occuring, some hot water is introduced into the cold water line to warm the water just a little, but when the water just seeps a little at a time the hot water dominates the cold and you get a tank of hot water.

This happens because the fill valve in the tank has a leak in it. Also, if the fill valve has been recently repaired or replaced, it is possible that it has been set too high. If the fill valve is old, replace it. By replacing it your problem should be fixed.